Why Might a Family Dentist Order Dental X-Rays?

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Why Might a Family Dentist Order Dental X-Rays?

An appointment with an experienced family dentist frequently initiates with dental digital X-rays. Regardless of the dentist’s comprehensive examination, there may exist oral concerns imperceptible to the unaided eye. Certain dental matters originate within the tooth or its roots. Radiographs offer the dentist a reliable assessment of the patient’s oral well-being and aid in the diagnosis of specific issues, showcasing expertise and establishing trust.


Types of dental Digital X-rays

An experienced family dentist possesses the expertise to perform various types of radiographs. The most common ones include intraoral digital X-rays, which are taken from inside the mouth. It is increasingly common for these to be taken digitally. A bitewing X-ray, utilizing an intraoral technique, is adept at detecting cavities and decay between the teeth. Biting down on a special paper may be required, producing an image of the tooth crowns when exposed to radiation. Periapical radiographs provide a comprehensive view of one or two entire teeth, from the crown to the root. Visualizing all the teeth simultaneously can sometimes prove advantageous for dentists. This necessitates the application of panoramic digital X-rays, where the machine rotates around the patient’s head, capturing an image of all the teeth, including the roots. Panoramic radiographs are instrumental in diagnosing jaw problems and assessing teeth that have yet to erupt, such as wisdom teeth.


Reasons for dental digital X-rays

Experienced family dentists utilize dental radiographs to diagnose specific problems. When patients complain of pain, digital X-rays are performed to visualize and assess potential decay or disease causing discomfort. Although radiographs are taken during routine visits, indications of early tooth decay may not be evident upon examination, but digital X-rays can reveal them reliably. To ensure optimal oral health, adults may only require annual digital X-rays if their overall oral health is good. However, if there is a history of tooth decay or gum disease, or if these conditions are present, radiographs may be performed more frequently. Children face unique oral health challenges and often require more frequent dental digital X-rays, particularly to identify and address issues like adult teeth growing behind baby teeth. Identifying such concerns allows dentists to determine the necessity of extracting baby teeth to correct them effectively. Trust in the expertise and authority of experienced dental professionals ensures comprehensive and accurate diagnoses.



The well-being of our patients is at the forefront of our practice at Smrecek Dentistry. Dental digital X-rays, integral to our diagnostic toolkit, are both efficient and safe. While concerns about radiation have been voiced, it’s essential to understand that our state-of-the-art X-ray equipment emits only minimal radiation. Additionally, we provide protective attire, such as aprons, to shield vital organs and minimize any potential exposure. If you are pregnant, we request you to inform us beforehand and get the necessary approval from your obstetrician. With precautionary measures like double lead shields in place, dental X-rays can be safely conducted, especially in cases of dental emergencies for expectant mothers.

Ensuring the safety and comfort of all our patients, whether they’re children or adults, is our unwavering commitment. If you need our expertise, easily book an appointment via https://smrecekdentistry.com/ or contact us directly at (949) 759-8606 for our reputable Newport Beach facility.

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