When You Should Consider Full Denture Implants

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When You Should Consider Full Denture Implants

When contemplating the prospect of full denture implants, an increasing number of dental patients with multiple tooth loss are deliberating over the advantages provided by implant-supported dentures. Notably, this denture alternative secures in place, eliminating any movement within the oral cavity. It is crucial that you gain a comprehensive understanding of all available denture options to ensure the selection of the most suitable one, aligning seamlessly with your unique lifestyle requirements. Rest assured, our experienced and trustworthy expertise will guide you through this process.


About full denture implants

When it comes to finding the right denture option, gaining knowledge about full denture implants from experienced professionals is crucial. These dentures closely resemble natural teeth, making them a popular choice among patients. By utilizing four to six strategically placed dental implants, they offer unparalleled stability. This not only promotes optimal jawbone health but also allows patients to enjoy a varied diet without any restrictions. Additionally, these implants provide remarkable comfort and durability, lasting nearly twice as long as traditional options. The American Dental Association recognizes that many patients experience increased comfort and security with implant-supported dentures compared to conventional ones. However, it’s important to note that patients must be in good health and have sufficient bone to support the implants.


About traditional dentures

As an experienced and trusted dental professional, it is important to acknowledge that while traditional dentures are still a common choice for individuals with multiple missing teeth, they do come with various challenges. The first challenge lies in ensuring their secure placement, as traditional dentures have been known to occasionally slip or even fall out. The second challenge involves being cautious with food choices, as certain foods, such as hard candy, crunchy snacks, and those that require vigorous chewing, can potentially damage the dentures. With our expertise and authority in dental care, we recommend considering alternative solutions to address these challenges.


When to consider full denture implants

Individuals with multiple missing teeth should seriously consider the option of full denture implants. However, it is crucial to undergo a thorough approval process. Prospective patients must demonstrate good oral and overall health, as well as a non-smoking status. Additionally, a firm commitment to the entire procedure is necessary, as the healing time for dental implants that are surgically placed in the jawbone spans several months. When selecting a tooth replacement solution, it is essential to consider whether a permanent or removable denture option is preferred. For those seeking a permanent tooth replacement, implant-supported dentures and implant-supported bridges are excellent choices. Rest assured that our experienced and trusted professionals can provide the expertise needed to guide you through this process.


Need help choosing your dentures?

Considering full denture implants? The decision can be daunting, but we’re here to help. To best assess your suitability for this long-term dental solution, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our experienced team. We’ll provide comprehensive insights into the pros and cons of each denture option to ensure you make a decision that truly complements your lifestyle. Let us guide you on this journey towards a radiant smile. To learn more about full denture implants or to schedule an appointment in the Newport Beach vicinity, navigate to our website at https://smrecekdentistry.com/.

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