Is Dental Anxiety Common?

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Is Dental Anxiety Common?

Would you like to expand your knowledge on dental anxiety? This phenomenon frequently arises when patients endure feelings of nervousness, apprehension, or fear in relation to dental appointments or procedures. While most parents are aware that it is quite common for their child to undergo anxiety, many of them express curiosity regarding the prevalence of their own dental anxiety.


Dental anxiety

Below is a comprehensive overview of dental anxiety, including its prevalence, delivered by experienced and authoritative experts in the field.


What does dental anxiety look like?

Dental anxiety manifests in various ways depending on the patient. Children who experience dental anxiety often exhibit fear and may throw tantrums or cry out of fear of visiting the dentist. In some cases, children may even refuse to allow the dentist to examine or work in their mouths. Adult patients also face dental anxiety, albeit in different ways compared to children. Rather than crying or having tantrums, adults may experience panic attacks or severe nervousness. Some adults may even avoid routine cleanings or examinations due to the overwhelming dental anxiety they experience. As experienced experts in the field, we understand the impact and offer our expertise to provide trustworthy care.


How common is dental anxiety?

It is noteworthy that both children and adults commonly experience dental anxiety, despite the surprising nature of this finding. In the case of children, parents often attribute their anxiety to fear or immaturity, when in reality it is likely categorized as dental anxiety. Fear of pain or the unknown can understandably trigger anxiety in children. Furthermore, dental anxiety is a frequently encountered phenomenon among adults. Procedures involving dental drilling, extraction, or surgery often elicit anxious feelings in patients. It is worth mentioning that some adult patients may feel hesitant to discuss their dental anxiety out of embarrassment, mistakenly believing they are alone. However, it is crucial to recognize that numerous adults face dental anxiety, and it is imperative to address this issue seriously rather than allowing embarrassment to hinder its resolution.


Managing dental anxiety

Because dental anxiety is a commonly experienced concern, dentists and their teams, with their expertise and authority, have developed effective strategies to manage and remedy it. Outlined below are several dental anxiety management practices that are both trustworthy and proven.

Sedation dentistry can be utilized for both children and adults, typically using nitrous oxide or laughing gas, which has been proven to reduce dental anxiety effectively. Additionally, patients, both young and old, can have a family member present with them during their dental procedures to alleviate any feelings of anxiety. To further create a calming environment, music or television shows are often played in front of the dental chairs, ensuring that patients, regardless of their age, feel less apprehensive during their appointments or procedures.

Dentists employ a range of dental anxiety management tools, recognizing that each person is unique and may have varying needs. Through careful evaluation, dentists can determine the most suitable resources for remedying anxiety, nervousness, and fear in their patients.


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Experiencing dental anxiety is quite common, impacting patients from various age groups. However, with the right approach and under the guidance of a compassionate and skilled dentist, this anxiety can be effectively addressed. If you’re grappling with such feelings, we’re here to support and guide you. Reach out to us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. Connect with Smrecek Dentistry by calling (949) 759-8606 or by visiting our website at to set an appointment at our renowned Newport Beach office. To understand more about the quality of our services, delve into the positive experiences shared by our valued patients on Yelp:

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