If You Want to Replace Your Dentures, Visit Our Cosmetic Dentist Office for Dental Implants

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If You Want to Replace Your Dentures, Visit Our Cosmetic Dentist Office for Dental Implants

If you are tired of wearing loose-fitting dentures, our office is where you can find experienced cosmetic dentists who can provide you with dental implants. Immediate implant placement is possible for tooth loss situations, and we are here to assist you if you feel that dentures are no longer suitable. Often, people choose dentures without fully considering if it is the ideal solution for their lifestyle. Although modern dentures offer a natural appearance and improved fit, they remain a removable prosthetic, lacking the secure nature of natural teeth. Consequently, many individuals experience self-consciousness regarding their teeth and concerns about social activities like dining out with friends. If this resonates with you, it is time to consider a superior alternative, and we can provide the necessary guidance. Our cosmetic dentist office, Smrecek Dentistry, excels in examining and discussing the numerous benefits of dental implants.


Why dental implants are such a secure solution

Dental implants offer an unrivaled level of security due to their surgical placement within the jaw. Unlike dentures, which are secured externally on the gums, implants are positioned beneath them and anchored to the jawbone. Constructed of titanium, a metal that the body readily accepts, implants naturally fuse with the jawbone through osseointegration. This integration enables the implant to be as stable as the surrounding natural teeth, empowering patients to savor their favorite foods without any concerns. For instance, patients can confidently bite into a crisp, green apple without worrying about loose teeth. Such simple pleasures may not be fully relished with dentures, illustrating the transformative benefits of dental implants.


Services from a cosmetic dentist

At Smrecek Dentistry, our expertise in cosmetic dentistry ensures that dental implants are a top recommendation for those with active lifestyles. For avid runners and others engaged in high-impact activities, dentures might pose a challenge due to potential stability issues. However, dental implants are firmly anchored to the jawbone, negating risks of dislodgment, regardless of strenuous activities. Not only are they more stable than dentures, but dental implants also offer an aesthetically superior appearance since they are individually set, offering personalized customization. While dentures have come a long way in mimicking natural teeth, they are typically mounted on a gum-colored base. Trust in Smrecek Dentistry to provide a dental implant solution that looks and feels seamlessly natural.