How to Take Care of Your Metal-Free Fillings

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How to Take Care of Your Metal-Free Fillings

Metal-free fillings, expertly crafted from a composite resin material, closely resemble natural teeth. These remarkably lifelike fillings are designed to seamlessly blend in, ensuring a natural appearance. It is vital to bear in mind that composite fillings reside within your oral cavity, necessitating diligent care. With proper maintenance, these restorations can endure for a decade or more, serving as a testament to their reliability and lasting quality.


How to care for composite fillings

Caring for metal-free fillings is actually simpler than commonly perceived. In fact, these fillings are easier to maintain compared to their metal counterparts. Follow these guidelines to enhance the longevity of your fillings with the experienced expertise and authority you can trust.


Avoid hard foods

It is important for individuals to exercise caution and attentiveness when selecting items to bite on or chew with composite fillings. Composite resin is not designed to withstand highly rigid foods. Engaging in activities such as biting on hard candy or ice can result in the breakage of both the composite material and the teeth. Additionally, individuals should solely utilize their teeth for the purpose of chewing food, refraining from using them to open packages or for any other activities.


Maintain proper oral hygiene

Composite resin fillings are used to effectively restore damaged teeth, but it’s important to be aware that bacteria can lead to additional decay, which can negatively impact both the tooth and the filling. In order to maintain optimal oral health, individuals should prioritize daily brushing and flossing. A highly recommended technique is to set a timer for two minutes and diligently brush the entire time, followed by thorough flossing. It’s important to note that flossing with metal-free fillings doesn’t differ from flossing without fillings. Simply move the floss through the teeth and pull it up to eliminate any debris, ensuring proper dental care.


Avoid clenching or grinding the teeth

Clenching and grinding have the potential to wear down fillings, resulting in their failure. These actions are frequently associated with stress, necessitating the need to manage stress levels. Dental professionals possess the expertise to provide guidance on stress reduction techniques that promote relaxation of the oral cavity. Individuals suffering from bruxism must utilize a mouthguard during sleep to safeguard fillings. Failure to address this condition can lead to significant dental complications, necessitating extensive dental intervention.


Keep regular dental appointments

Regularly scheduled cleanings are crucial for maximizing the longevity of dental fillings. During patient examinations, experienced dentists establish personalized cleaning schedules. Individuals with fillings often require professional cleanings every six months. However, patients susceptible to cavities may need more frequent visits. Dentists diligently inspect for signs of decay and meticulously clean the teeth during these appointments. This meticulous approach safeguards the fillings by preventing the accumulation of additional decay on the tooth.

Patients with a single filling and a low-cavity risk may only need annual dental visits. Nonetheless, maintaining proper oral hygiene between visits is of utmost importance for expert guidance and lasting oral health.


Maintain your metal-free fillings

At Smrecek Dentistry, our dedication to excellence ensures that your composite resin fillings are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. To maximize the lifespan of your fillings, it’s essential to heed care recommendations, including refraining from biting into hard substances, upholding meticulous oral hygiene, and committing to periodic dental check-ups. Should you have any queries or need to book an appointment, you can effortlessly reach out to us by visiting our website or dialing (949) 759-8606. Additionally, for firsthand accounts of our unparalleled dental care, we welcome you to peruse the testimonials on our Yelp page:

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