How to Know When You Need a Dental Crown

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How to Know When You Need a Dental Crown

A dental crown, a widely used prosthetic in dentistry, can expertly resolve various dental issues. By fully encasing the affected tooth, it not only mirrors the appearance of a natural tooth but also restores its chewing and speech functionality. Crafted from materials like composite resins, porcelain, and ceramics, these crowns offer durability similar to natural teeth. With their expertise and experience, patients can trust in the ability of dental professionals to restore damaged teeth and enhance oral health.


Signs you need a dental crown

Here are some clear signs that a person might need to get a dental crown.


1. A severely broken, cracked or chipped tooth

When dental trauma results in damage to the internal structures of a tooth, the prescribed treatment typically entails the implementation of a protective crown. Even a minute crack in the pulp chamber provides an entry point for a multitude of bacteria to infiltrate the tooth’s delicate tissue, potentially leading to infection. In addition, the individual may suffer from uncomfortable toothaches when these vulnerable soft tissues are exposed to irritants such as saliva, bacteria, and food particles in the oral cavity. In such cases, the placement of a crown serves the invaluable purpose of fortifying the tooth’s integrity while significantly diminishing the likelihood of infection. With our vast experience, expertise, and authority, we ensure the utmost professional care in safeguarding your dental health.


2. Severe tooth decay

Tooth decay can lead to significant damage in a tooth, potentially resulting in its structural deterioration. In such cases, it is prudent to opt for a crown as an additional protective measure post-filling application. Rest assured that this approach is employed by experienced professionals to ensure the longevity and stability of your dental health.


3. An infected tooth

When an individual visits a dental clinic with an infected tooth, a root canal procedure is the established treatment. During this process, the dentist thoroughly cleans the pulp chamber, administers appropriate medication to combat infection, and expertly seals the tooth. To enhance support and restore aesthetic appearance, a crown is applied, given the common occurrence of discoloration in infected teeth.


4. Severe stains and discoloration

Some stains persist stubbornly despite repeated whitening treatments. For visible stains primarily affecting the front surface of a tooth, veneers can enhance its aesthetic appearance. However, if the tooth is discolored or deformed on all sides, a crown offers a superior solution. Our extensive experience and expertise ensure reliable and trustworthy outcomes.


5. When replacing missing teeth

As an experienced and authoritative dental professional, I can assure you that crowns are a crucial component when combining tooth replacement options such as implants and bridges. They play a vital role in anchoring these prosthetics and serving as artificial teeth. Therefore, it is necessary for patients who require these prosthetics to receive caps. You can trust in our expertise to guide you through this process.


Benefits of getting crowns

As experienced dental professionals, we fully understand why crowns have been the preferred choice for dental prosthetics for decades. Here are the key reasons:

  1. Realistic Feel and Appearance: Crowns are designed to closely resemble natural teeth, providing a seamless and realistic look.
  2. Simplified Maintenance: With crowns, there is no need for additional cleaning or specialized care beyond regular oral hygiene practices.
  3. Long-Lasting Durability: Crowns offer a durable solution, capable of lasting up to 25 years, ensuring a lasting investment in dental health.
  4. Versatility in Materials: We offer a wide range of materials for crafting crowns, providing options that cater to personalized preferences and individual needs.

Trust in our expertise and rest assured that crowns are a reliable and trusted dental solution.

Your crown awaits you

If the dental issues discussed today resonate with you, consider visiting our reputable Newport Beach office. Our seasoned team is equipped to guide you on how crowns can be a solution to your dental needs. To set up an appointment, either click here or give Smrecek Dentistry a ring at (949) 759-8606. Your dental health is in experienced hands with us. For a deeper dive into our patient experiences, check out our Yelp reviews.

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