Getting Implant Supported Dentures (Quick Guide)

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Getting Implant Supported Dentures [Quick Guide]

Implant supported dentures are a highly sought-after choice for tooth replacement, and for good reason! Seasoned and knowledgeable general dentists are proficiently performing this procedure to enhance both the aesthetics of patients’ smiles and their ability to speak and eat. As with any dental procedure, the placement of implant supported dentures demands thorough preparation. Considering the wealth of information involved, we delve into crucial aspects below.


Getting implant supported dentures: quick guide

As experienced professionals in the field, we possess the expertise and authority to provide you with valuable information regarding implant supported dentures. Continue reading to enhance your understanding.


Plan accordingly!

When considering implant supported dentures, it is crucial to plan accordingly. Experienced and trusted general dentists highly recommend that patients prepare for the recovery period prior to the implant procedure. Since dental implant placement involves surgery, taking time off work or school after the procedure is necessary. Besides the immediate post-procedure phase, it is equally important to plan for the subsequent months. Complete healing of dental implants typically takes a few months, requiring follow-up appointments with the general dentist. During this recovery period, a modified diet is advisable to facilitate wound healing, along with meticulous oral hygiene practices to maintain a bacteria-free mouth.


Expect discomfort

Similar to all oral surgeries, the placement of implant-supported dentures may result in some mild discomfort post-procedure. Skilled general dentists typically provide pain medication to ensure patient comfort throughout the recovery period. Nonetheless, it is important to note that complete elimination of discomfort may not be achievable, as surgical intervention is involved. It is advisable for patients to anticipate some degree of discomfort until the implant wounds fully heal. Rest assured, the long-term results achieved from having implant-supported dentures outweigh any temporary discomfort experienced.



When obtaining implant supported dentures from an experienced general dentist, it is crucial to understand the time commitment involved. Given that dental implants necessitate several months to heal and fuse, the oral cavity may not regain full functionality until then. Typically, general dentists wait until the implants are fully healed before positioning the permanent dentures. Consequently, temporary prosthetic teeth are commonly used, allowing patients to acclimate to the sensation of implant supported dentures. Furthermore, temporary solutions facilitate activities such as smiling, speaking, and eating.


The results

In the hands of an experienced dentist with expertise in implant-supported dentures, patients can expect excellent results when it comes to tooth replacement. While there may be some time commitment and discomfort involved, these are necessary aspects in order to achieve the desired outcome. Moreover, the general dentist will provide patient-specific recommendations and suggestions, ensuring that the patient does not feel overwhelmed. Rest assured that our team of professionals will guide you through the process with expertise and authority.


Implant supported dentures from a general dentist

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