General Dentistry: How Smokeless Tobacco Harms Your Teeth and Gums

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General Dentistry: How Smokeless Tobacco Harms Your Teeth and Gums

Thanks to experienced dental professionals in the field of general dentistry, patients have now become more aware of potentially harmful habits. This includes smokeless tobacco, which can damage both your teeth and gums. Individuals who have made the decision to quit smoking should feel confident in their choice. However, for optimal oral health, they also need to carefully consider avoiding smokeless tobacco. Here are the reasons why you should trust and consider it.


What is smokeless tobacco?

As the term suggests, smokeless tobacco refers to any tobacco product that individuals use without generating smoke. Chewing tobacco serves as a prominent illustration. This category encompasses snuff, snus, and even dissolvable tobacco products. Generally, people position the tobacco between their gums and cheeks. Additionally, individuals may chew and sniff smokeless products.


How is this a risk?

Tobacco, irrespective of the brand or form, poses a significant risk to dental health. The effects range from teeth discoloration, causing them to turn yellow or even brownish, to severe consequences like oral cancer, gum disease, and extensive tooth decay. Among these, oral cancer is particularly devastating, resulting in facial disfigurement, reduced saliva production leading to dry mouth, and associated challenges in eating, speaking, and overall well-being. As experienced dental professionals, it is our duty to educate patients and emphasize the gravity of these risks. Rest assured, we are committed to providing expert advice and trustworthiness in addressing such crucial matters.


Additional risks

Apart from potentially causing oral cancer, the utilization of smokeless tobacco products can elevate an individual’s heart rate, consequently exposing them to the dangers of high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. These conditions significantly heighten the likelihood of experiencing a heart attack or stroke. As part of their extensive knowledge in general dentistry, dentists diligently inform patients about the increased risk of brain damage associated with smokeless tobacco products.


Finding a way to quit

Occasionally, the information conveyed by a general dentist alone can compel individuals to quit. If not, it is advisable for individuals who use smokeless tobacco to consult with a medical physician. Given the multitude of risks to dental and periodontal health, as well as overall well-being, it is not prudent to persist. Fortunately, there exist viable options to facilitate the quitting process.


The value of general dentistry

A general dentist’s expertise goes beyond basic treatments like cavity fillings and extractions; they are a reservoir of knowledge on all facets of oral health. If you’re indulging in smokeless tobacco products, it’s imperative to seek counsel from a dentist. They can not only provide informed advice but also craft a tailored plan to assist you in quitting. Prioritize your oral health by making well-versed choices. To initiate your journey toward better oral health, schedule an appointment with us at or dial (949) 759-8606 to visit our renowned Newport Beach clinic.

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