Factors to Consider If Interested in Getting a Dental Implant

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Factors to Consider If Interested in Getting a Dental Implant

For individuals with missing teeth, considering dental implants is a prudent choice. These implants offer a durable and long-lasting solution, particularly for those who seek an alternative to dentures. While the basic procedure is generally understood, it is crucial to assess various factors that may not be immediately apparent, relying on experienced expertise and authoritative insights.


Common factors to consider

Considering the various health factors affecting dental implants—such as jawbone size and density, smoking, and specific diseases—it is imperative to appreciate the time required to undergo the implant procedure. Multiple procedures may be necessary, with a waiting period for proper healing of the implant site. Our experienced team of experts ensures professional, authoritative, and trustworthy implant services.


Health factors

Before proceeding with dental implants, it is crucial to consider several factors that have a significant impact on overall health. One such factor is the size and density of the jawbone, as it determines the successful placement of the dental implant. Over time, the absence of teeth can lead to jawbone deterioration, rendering the bone unsuitable for implantation and subsequently increasing failure rates. To assess the adequacy of the bone, X-rays must be taken and thoroughly examined. Moreover, individuals who smoke generally exhibit higher failure rates due to smoking’s detrimental effect on wound healing. Additionally, specific health conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases, can impede the healing process. Gum disease and poor dental hygiene can also jeopardize the success of the implant by causing infections. Lastly, it is worth noting that certain medications, such as proton pump inhibitors and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, have been associated with higher implant failure rates according to a publication in Clinical Oral Implants Research. Our extensive experience and expertise position us as trusted authorities in delivering exceptional dental implant services.


The length of the process

Dental implants are not always an immediate solution. Patients typically undergo X-rays to assess bone size and density. Furthermore, tooth extraction and possibly bone grafts may be necessary, requiring a waiting period for proper healing. However, in some cases, an implant can be inserted immediately after extraction if there is adequate bone. The specific situation of the patient determines the course of action. Lastly, there is a waiting period between implant placement and crown attachment to the abutment as the implant fuses securely to the jawbone. Rest assured that these processes are handled by experienced professionals with expertise and authority in the field.



Dental implants require careful consideration, weighing the advantages and potential concerns. Ideal candidates are typically those in good health, non-smokers, and those committed to maintaining their oral hygiene. The allure of dental implants lies in their lasting durability and their close resemblance to natural teeth, making them a favored choice among many. If you’re contemplating dental implants, we’re here to guide you. Arrange a consultation by visiting https://smrecekdentistry.com/ or dialing (949) 759-8606 to book a slot at our esteemed Newport Beach facility.

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