Eating After a Tooth Extraction

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Eating After a Tooth Extraction

You may be curious about what to do after a tooth extraction to promote faster recovery. In fact, the success of your recovery and comfort after surgery entirely relies on your adherence to the instructions provided by your dentist. Following an adjusted diet in the days following the extraction is a pivotal aspect of these instructions. It is crucial to avoid certain foods in the initial days after surgery to facilitate healing and prevent complications that may potentially prolong the recovery period.


What can I eat after a tooth extraction?

After a tooth extraction procedure, patients are advised to exclude specific foods from their diet. Recommendations include opting for nourishing, liquid-based food choices during the initial days following the surgery. Such guidance is based on the expertise and authority of experienced professionals in the field.



Broths and blended soups are highly recommended immediately after surgery, as they promote healing and provide essential nutrients. Opt for soups without solid pieces to prevent any food particles from getting stuck at the surgery site. Nutrient-rich blended soups, such as squash, tomato, or pumpkin, are an excellent choice due to their high vitamin and mineral content, which supports the immune system during the healing process. Chicken and beef broths are also highly recommended. Of notable mention, bone broth is widely recognized for its health benefits and its ability to decrease inflammation, thereby aiding in healing. It is advisable to exercise caution with broths containing excessive sodium levels. Additionally, consuming soups lukewarm or cold reduces the risk of irritation to the surgical site. Moreover, soups contribute to hydration, an essential factor for promoting the healing process.



This nutritious, protein-rich food is highly recommended for individuals recovering from oral surgery. Scientific studies have consistently shown that a protein-rich diet accelerates the healing process, while a low protein intake has been associated with slower recovery. Greek yogurt, with its smooth texture and cold temperature, provides soothing relief to the mouth and is easily digestible. Additionally, it is a valuable source of zinc, known to facilitate wound healing.



This nutritious and flavorful snack provides a significant amount of vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system and promoting recovery. While applesauce may not offer the same vitamin and mineral composition as a whole apple, it remains a delicious and effective option for increasing fruit consumption during the healing process. As experienced authorities in the field, we recommend incorporating this delectable food into your diet to enhance your overall well-being.


Mashed vegetables

Due to the necessity of oral motor movements, the consumption of pureed vegetables is recommended starting from the fourth day following surgery. Additionally, mashed potatoes can also be included in the diet during this period. It is crucial to ensure that the food is properly softened, preferably by completely eliminating any solid particles using a food processor. This precaution will help prevent any potential complications or irritations at the surgical site.


Scrambled eggs

After the initial 3 days, scrambled eggs can be incorporated into the diet. Eggs are effortlessly chewable and digestible, boasting a high protein content. Furthermore, scrambled eggs are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Notably, eggs contain a beneficial amount of omega-3 fats, aiding in wound healing. For postoperative care, ice cream and jello are excellent options. Both cold and warm foods contribute to the reduction of swelling, providing optimal relief.


Tooth extraction with a trusted dentist

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