Do General Dentists Recommend Water Picks?

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Do General Dentists Recommend Water Picks?

Water picks are among the various devices recommended by experienced general dentists for cleaning the interdental spaces. It is a common misconception that brushing twice daily is solely sufficient for good oral hygiene, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Consulting with most general dentists will confirm that both flossing and brushing play equally significant roles. Brushing effectively eliminates plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth, while flossing accomplishes the same for the spaces between them.

Sadly, only about half of the individuals in the U.S. adhere to regular flossing, despite the fact that the American Dental Association considers it to be an essential aspect of dental hygiene.

Consistently brushing without flossing is comparable to applying a protective varnish to only the top, front, and back sides of a piece of wood. Without protection on the sides, the wood remains vulnerable to decay. The same principle applies to teeth.


What general dentists think about popular ways to floss

As flossing gains popularity, the range of methods continues to expand. Numerous flossing products are available, encompassing floss picks to water flossers. Traditional dental floss is regarded as the most effective means of cleansing interdental spaces, despite being the most challenging. This delicate string is skillfully maneuvered between teeth, effectively dislodging food particles and plaque from those narrow gaps.

Individuals encountering difficulties with traditional floss may find floss picks to be a preferable alternative. Equipped with handles, these picks facilitate easier access to posterior teeth. Water picks are also experiencing a surge in popularity, offering even greater convenience compared to floss picks.


The benefits of using a water pick

A water pick is an esteemed dental tool that utilizes pressurized water to meticulously cleanse the interdental spaces. By emitting a fine stream of water, it effectively eliminates plaque and debris between teeth. Furthermore, these flossers have received the esteemed seal of approval from the American Dental Association and have substantiated their efficacy in combating gingivitis and plaque.

Scientific studies show that water picks are up to 51% more effective than traditional floss in reducing gum bleeding. Additionally, they require less time to use compared to traditional floss, while promoting optimal oral health.

This exceptional device also excels in cleansing hard-to-reach areas in the posterior region of the mouth, inaccessible to toothbrushes.


Water picks are perfect for people with orthodontic devices and bridges

The effectiveness of water picks becomes evident when an individual wears an orthodontic device or has bridges. Flossing can be quite challenging in such cases as it requires navigating through the device to reach the interdental spaces.

A water pick simplifies the process for individuals with oral appliances, showcasing its expertise and trustworthiness in remaining effective even with an obstruction present.


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